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Iʼm Jonathan, 15 +, nearly driving, and being a freshman for a few more weeks (one of those things you only want to do once in life). My life has been spent (seems like) as much in the water as out. My dad, sisters and a couple of grandparents surf (ed), swam competitively and paddled anything that could float; as have I. I guess itʼs in my blood.

Iʼm here to share my experience as a paddler with you and assist you in getting the most out of your first paddling experience.

Stand-up paddling is really easy. It just takes a bit of patience, a willingness to get wet and a love of the peace and quiet the ocean provides. One hour is generally enough to get you off on your own. There are some very quiet and calm spots in Newport Bay to learn and many miles of bay-front to enjoy.

We take periodic trips to San Onofre to surf, but I donʼt recommend you try on your own unless you have a deep understanding of the general rules and courtesies of the surfing community and the great power of the ocean. My job includes passing these cultural understandings on to you.

You must be able to swim at least a couple hundred feet... Be prepared to have more fun than you can imagine!

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  • Paddling technique (holding/using the paddle correctly)
  • Balance points on the board
  • Board and paddle terminology.
  • Awareness of weather, wind and tide conditions and how they affect paddling successfully
  • Equipment choices and recommendations.
  • Water safety.
  • Boating protocols and dealing with wakes.
  • Turning techniques.
    I will supply a board and paddle for your first lesson.



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