My Paddledog

“Spot” is my dog; a lemon beagle who is about 8 years old. He is super sweet and a total people dog, but has never been particularly fond of water. That all changed about 3 1/2 years ago when my dad and I got paddle boards. Spot would get distressed when we'd leave the beach and head out on the water . He didn't like it that we were out there and he wasn't! Since Spot goes just about everywhere with us, he clearly couldn't grasp why not on the boards too. So, with a bit of encouragement (and a tail between the legs), he stepped on the board. Though hesitant, he walked up to the nose ... and stayed! Well, he stayed until the first boat wake came by and then off he went - and swam, and swam, and swam... you get the picture. The dog who was always fearful of water now swims anything from a quarter to a half mile several times a week. When he's tired, he swims over and crawls up on the board happy, tail up, waiting to greet the next passer-by.

We've done this with other dogs, mostly large breeds, (labradoodles, golden retrievers and a vishla). It takes a bit of work, but we have a board with an extended deck pad and is a bit wider than normal for training. All dogs, including Spot, wear a floating leash and the dog never gets farther than a “leash-length” away.

We're out all the time in Newport bay, so keep an eye out for Spot - he'll always put a smile on your face. Want help with your pooch? Just send us a note and we'll see if we can get a paddle dog trained for you.

  A Very special Thank You to Dan, owner of Russo’s Pets in Newport Beach. Dan worked with me to find my special dog. Spot has never been sick, temperamental or anything but a kind-hearted, happy dog. He is the joy of my life.

Thanks Dan!


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